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Модель Dynamic с монитором PM4

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Features The Dynamic Indoor Rower is designed to meet specific training needs of the competitive rowing athlete. The difference between this machine and the Model D or E is that as you row, your feet do most of the moving rather than the seat. The seat is also free to move, but due to the physics of rowing, the seat movement is minimal. The Dynamic Indoor Rower: Offers a closer simulation of the dynamics of on water rowing. Demands similar concentration and body control needed when rowing in a boat. Serves as a training and coaching tool that is more sport-specific than the Model D or E. Encourages effective technical movements and more consistent power application. Connects for team training via the Dynamic Link. Try Before You Buy The Dynamic Indoor Rower will be available at some of the regattas we will attend this year. We encourage you to stop by and try it out! View dates and locations. You can also use our Indoor Rower Finder to find locations that have the Dynamic. DimensionsLength 76 in | 193 cm Width 24.25 in | 61.5 cm Height (to monitor) 33 in | 84.5 cm Seat Height 21.5 in | 54.6 cm Weight of Machine 92 lbs. | 42 kgs. Maximum User Weight 500 lbs. | 227 kgs

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