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Модель E с монитором PM4

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Features Includes PM4 Performance Monitor. 20 inch frame height, positioning you at a comfortable seat height. One-piece leg design offers stability and a solid feel. Nickel-plated chain for low-maintenance and a clean look. Fully enclosed chain housing keeps the chain cleaner. Powder-coated frame sealed with a clear top coat for extra durability. Light metallic gray finish with dark blue-gray accents. Long monitor arm, putting the PM4 within easy reach. Flywheel design minimizes noise, maximizes smooth feel of rowing on the water. Easy spiral damper controls feel of each pull. Ergonomic handle promotes natural arm and hand position. Aluminum rail capped with a stainless-steel track for smooth movement of the seat. Flexfoot footrests adjust for quick and easy sizing. Compact storage: Indoor rower separates easily into two parts for transport and storage. This can be done on a daily basis; no tools are required. Easy assembly. Tools and illustrated instructions included. Caster wheels make it mobile. Every Model E comes with all you need to get started. View Complete List Indoor rowers with PM4s come with a rechargeable battery pack and Garmin chest belt for heart rate monitoring. DimensionsLength 8' Width 24" Seat Height 20" Weight of Machine 65 lbs. Space Recommended for Use 9' x 4' Stored Dimensions 27" x 47" x 54.5"H Maximum User Weight 500 lbs. Model E stored in two pieces.

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Модель E с монитором PM4Увеличить  Модель E с монитором PM4Увеличить  Модель E с монитором PM4Увеличить 

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